Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Sweet Girl

Oh how I love my darling little girl. She is growing up so quickly! This is her 7th night in the big girl bed. She is doing better than I thought, however still waking up through the night. Last night was in pain, I believe gas as it was several times and she was farting a lot :( But tonight something else is bothering her, so far only once up. But she just wanted me to hold her and cuddle her and oh how sweet it is.

I really think she is overall intuitive about the baby coming because it has been a couple of weeks that she has been waking up. She knows there is change - well obviously, she has a new room now! But before we even moved her to a new room, she had started waking up, she has become more cuddly and wanting "mommy" more - which makes me feel so loved but at the same time sometimes I just need a break because I am tired.

I am 85% sure that she is going to be left handed. She does better eating with her left hand. I love it because she'll be using the spoon or fork in her left hand and I'll ask her to try her right hand and she does! She has done this for a few weeks and it just amazes me. If I ask her to try her left hand, she'll look at it and put the spoon or fork back in her left hand. Also when changing her if I ask her to give me her "right" or "left" arm, she gives me the correct one! I must say I think she knows right from left better than some much older kids I know, lol, but we'll see if it continues or not!

Oh, what else does she do that I have been forgetting to write about - well, her memory is amazing and just knowing where you put something a couple days prior or if you are taking her somewhere she'll remember something particular about that place and say it. At church she knows exactly where to go to get to the nursery - and that happened just the 2nd or 3rd time we were there!

Of course along with all of that come the tantrums and well, she knows what she wants and she wants what she wants, so definitly some attitude in this little child. Of course patience takes time and even I need more patience at times. But she is understanding better every day it seems. Every day a new word, a new something. It just never stops, she is like this little person that is absorbing everything around her and understanding more and more and communicating more every day in ways that are understandable to most people! I just love it!

Oh she's just going to continue to amaze me every day I know and I look forward to her interactions with her little brother. She's such a good big sister already, I just know she is going to do great!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Test Results

So, I said it to them before, it was a big inconvenience to do the 3 hour Gestational Diabetes test (Brad had to take a day off, well at least a 1/2 day of sick time), but thankfully it is over with, and I do not have Gestational Diabetes. Yes, that is what I told them and it was a very frustrating time trying to work the stupid test into my schedule ( I pretty much begged to do the 1 hour again, but no). I am sorry for those that do, but I knew I did not and I am fairly aware of what goes on with my body that if I thought I had it, I would've maybe been a little more on board with the test.

Here are my results:

After fasting: 83 - needs to be less than 95
1 Hour after: 161 - needs to be less than 180
2 Hours after: 119 - needs to be less than 155
3 Hours after: 92 - needs to be less than 140

So not even close or borderline. It was a very frustrating and stressful day one that I never wish to repeat. You do not make a pregnant woman go 12 hours without eating. There is something very not right about that, especially when I can hardly do that when not pregnant. Anyways, rant over, there are my results. It is finished.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Big Girl Bed

My little baby girl is growing up. Very bittersweet as it's amazing how mature she is becoming, yet at the same time, I miss that sweet little baby she was. She was always an independent girl, but now even more so, she is taking it to another level. At the same time though she is becoming so cuddly, at a time when it's hard for me to cuddle.

So, we were at my parents Friday night, Rachel Grace stayed there Saturday night, and when we came home Sunday night, we cleaned up a bit more, moved things around more and had our first night attempt at Rachel Grace sleeping on the twin mattress on the floor.

She went down perfectly. Of course, she was exhausted as it had taken us past her bed time to get everything ready, but it was so precious. She slept the night through and awoke around 7:30am. I of course heard her first and she was saying "Momma" and playing a bit. I was happy she stayed on her bed. I go in there and she's taking her PJ's off! LOL - it was cute!

She also took a wonderful nap in the big girl bed in the afternoon. I really thought she would sleep in the crib for her nap. And she stayed in bed until I went in to get her! I was so proud of her. Just another day where she amazes me with what she does.

Well we get to Monday night. Hmmm, different story. I'm still proud of my little girl because how can I not be, but she was a little scared tonight for some reason. Or something is bothering her, it is hard to tell. She was in there about 1/2 hour. I started hearing her talk a bit. Brad and I were talking in the family room and then out comes this adorable little girl carrying her blankie and one of her babies. It was so precious! We laughed because it was so cute, but she was so sad and scared.

She had also gone to her old room previously because she had set one of her other babies on the rocking chair in there. Oh, it was so cute! And she was so sad :( I held her, then Brad held her, walked around a bit and laid her down again. Not sure if she'll sleep through the night there tonight, but we'll see soon. It would be great if she did, but I definitly didn't think it would've been as easy as it was the night before!

Oh that note, I must go to sleep also, but wanted to share the joy of my precious baby! :_

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just over an hour left...

At the hospital, I got my blood drawn, then they gave me the sugar drink and I finished it finally at 8:16. Last blood drawing will be at 11:16. At least they have wireless here so, Hi, I'm here!

-12 this morning when I left the house - brrrr. Garage door didn't want to open, I'm like, see not suppose to go there. Okay, so I'm still not choosing Joy through the midst of this. I am tired. I got more sleep last night than usual, but the lack of nutrients in me right now is totally draining! I'm not as dizzy as I thought I would get, but I'm also not up much or doing much. Plus, they did give me something to keep in my system which must be keeping me afloat.

I did pack in the oatmeal and cheese last night too, hehe :)

Many people have come and gone in here, but not me, I'm the only one that has been here all morning. I had planned on getting some other stuff done this morning before I was sure they had wireless, but now I'm distracted with chatting, posting, and what not!

Brad took only a half day today - using sick time for half the day so that I could come do this test. I wish he could take a half sick day where we could actually spend some time together. Time seems to be lacking as of late since there has been so much going on. When we think we might actually have an evening to sit and talk or work together on getting this or that done, it snows and he has to go snow blow. I know it's life, but it has been very difficult for us to find time together lately. Quality time at that.

We are praying and hoping things will work out for this weekend though. So long as weather cooperates, we are going to take Rachel Grace to my parents and she is going to spend the day and night there without us on Saturday so that we can take a mini trip to the Dells! I am very excited, though it will be our first night away from her. I should say - MY first night away from her if Brad working 3rd shift counts and yeah, he was actually gone for 2 weeks.

So I know she will be fine and do well, but I of course get a little sad leaving my baby behind (well one of my babies). It really won't even be for long, we intended to go two nights, but since we wouldn't get up there until around 9pm, we figure we'll just stay at my parents on Friday and then leave in the morning. Please pray for good weather here too because we really need this break. We haven't gone anywhere just the two of us since about 6-7 weeks before she was born and we know we won't have that opportunity again for a very long time!

Back from my 3rd blood drawing. Fun, fun.

Time to try to get more stuff done.

Pregnancy Woes

Can't stay on long because I must go to bed. I am not "allowed" to eat anymore tonight because I have to fast for the 3 hour glucose test the hospital is making me take. Yes, I failed the 1 hour test, which had I known my rights more, I would not have taken it. But how could I not have. I normally eat relatively decent. But then week 28 of pregnancy comes and HELLO SUGAR CRAVINGS! Made a pan of fudge Sunday night - I ate it all by Tuesday afternoon. Made another pan Wednesday night, test was on Thursday. RG was a fuss that day, wouldn't nap, very stressful day, I didn't get to eat til right b4 the test and I had a lot of rice which turns into glucose. Right after I finish, race to my appt all stressed still (which also effects your body) and they give me that super sugar drink (so healthy for the baby, right?), follwed by more stress from not being able to see my doc, and then they draw my blood which I do really bad with.

Anyhow, yeah, of course my levels were high that day. UGH! So anyways, long story short, way later than they want me to, I'm taking their stupid test. But I must go to bed because I still feel hungry right now though I shouldn't and I really want like juice or just a small twinge of sweets.

Not looking forward to being dizzy in the morning. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep well, we'll see - RG has been waking up too. Choose Joy, right? Sorry to say, I am not in this situation choosing joy.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Busy Day

Pretty much gonna write until I start typing crazy stuff and no longer know what I'm talking about :)

So I apologize, I do not have the pictures loaded of her new room yet - the before and after - though the after it's not even completed. Getting use to the color a little more, it's just really hard to say. I think once the furniture is moved back in, maybe it'll look different. I planned to go back to the paint store, but realized this week will not allow as Brad won't be home until almost 5 each night this week and I think the paint store closes at about 5:30. And we still only have 1 car until this weekend when we go to my parents and get our other car back! Plus, so much snow!!! That's why they didn't come by last Friday like they were going to to bring the car back and help paint or watch Rachel Grace. And now tonight, SNOW, tomorrow we're suppose to get SNOW! So, why am I not hearing anything on global warming right now? Honestly it only seems to be in the dead heat of summer or if we do have a couple of warm winter days. When it's 7 degrees out, you hear nothing. But that's another topic for another time...

So we'll just put the room together and I'll deal with it for a couple of weeks, if I'm still that unsettled about it, we'll get a new color and paint it again. Not the most ideal thing to do, but I don't want it to drive me nuts for a long time and I don't want to stress about it this week anymore. And I want out house to get some stability back.

I met with a new doctor today since my doctor has been out for a couple of weeks and won't be back until at least Jan 23 if not later. If it was earlier in my pregnancy, I would just wait it out and see, but seeing as there is only 8 weeks left, I want to see someone that might deliver my baby. She was nice and I liked her, but of course I do not know her very well yet, so I definitly am more comfortable with my doctor. But she is very professional and would do a great job delivering my baby I am sure!

My friend Angela babysat Rachel Grace while I went to the appointment and it was so gracious of her to let me borrow her car to go. She brought her 1 year old boy over - Nathan, who Rachel Grace loves to see! It was her first time watching both of them alone while I have watched him quite a few times and as much as I enjoy him, it can be stressful as he does not like when his mom leaves. I was glad to hear it went well for her and that Rachel Grace was well behaved. I guess it was cute though - I had said "Bye" to Rachel Grace and hugged her and thought she saw me leave. Well shortly after she went over back by my bedroom (the door was closed) and Angela called her "Rachel Grace, can you come back here?" and Rachel Grace is over there so she follows and hears her saying "Momma..... Dadda..... momma momma? Dadda dadda dadda?" like looking for us! Poor little girl, but how precious is that! Angela explained to her again I went for an appointment and well she was okay, I think she was just confused.

Well I don't know why but in the afternoon after Rachel Grace was up from her nap (she woke up just as I was about to rest - go figure), I got this sudden burst of exhaustion. I started falling asleep while I was reading her a book. So I put in a video she could watch (she finally took a liking to a 2nd video - it's Winnie the Pooh! Otherwise whenever I would put in anything but her original Baby Praise Songs Video she would turn the TV off) and I laid down a bit. I did actually doze off a couple of times, fed her in the middle and what not. Finally Brad came home and somehow got some energy.

So it was very exciting - I got to meet with a Doula! She is wonderful and I hope she will be able to be there for the birth of our baby boy! She finds out in a few weeks if her husband might be taking on a different job out of the state, but there is a good chance she will still be around either way since it is only 8 weeks away. But I just feel this will really help the overall birthing experience in a positive way. I think Brad and I just knowing more of what to expect will help also, but some of the hospital experience was not very good last time around and the extra support and stability will help out with that.

Oh speaking of the baby - his head is down which is good, I measure 32 weeks which is right on and I weigh the same as I did at this point w/ my pregnancy with Rachel Grace. Now if I can just get through the test I have to take on Thursday - won't go into that right now because that will involve a lot more rants about the hospital system.

So I managed to stay awake for a quick summary, now if I can stay awake through the entire day tomorrow, that will be another good thing! Brad is sleeping on my side of the bed, don't know if I'll be able to get him to move over since he is a heavy sleeper, but it's good for me to be by the door for my frequent bathroom trips. The wind is getting stronger, so maybe we will actually be having this blizzard that they were talking about. That does not sound exciting at this point. I just think I need sleep! G'nite and thanks for reading :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Falling Asleep

Well it's not even 1am and I'm fading fast - dozing off. I was going to blog tonight, but I think I'm feeling a bit too drained. Did I get what I wanted to get done done in the last hour or two - NO, I did not! What did I do - I'm not really sure.

One thing I did want to write though is that I'm not diggin the paint color, just not seeming quite right so I think Monday it's off to get a new tint to it. But we'll see, not positive yet and well I'll hopefully update tomorrow.

G'nite cuz I am dozing off - and honestly this is early for me. But we sure are hoping and praying Rachel Grace sleeps through the night as I think she's been trying to prepare us for the little guy coming in 8 weeks, so maybe this is my cue that I should sleep while I can. Bye

Friday, January 9, 2009

And the Painting Begins

Well our baby boy is to arrive in approximately 8 weeks. WOW! This has gone by so quickly! But one of the most overwhelming things for me in preparing for the arrival of our son, has been getting Rachel Grace moved over to her new room and big bed.

I know I know, it's not necessary for her or the baby to have their own room, we can move her over later, and essentially she doesn't need anything special for her room. But we have the room available so I want her to be able to have it, plus she already wakes up to anything, and I do want to have a cute girly room for her because well, we can!

The problem has been from the beginning between morning (all day) sickness, exhaustion, Brad working a lot, and Rachel Grace continually being more active it's hard to find time to work on such products. Her new room was the Office, or more of a storage facility for most of the products I carry for my store. The computer desk is piled with stuff from months ago that I have been too overwhelmed to tackle ( I mainly use the laptop now, the only reason we still have the desktop is because we need to figure out how to transfer files to the laptop, otherwise there's no room left on it as it's from 1998), shelf was full of pictures that need to go into albums years ago, and then other misc. items we need to get rid of, and many boxes of products as I prefer to keep them up here rather than in the basement.

Well the family holiday events are over (except for the misc. Christmas cards we are still waiting to get people's addresses for - oops), and we're sort of down to the wire where we need to do this. Got paint this week which was quite the search. I was looking for natural/green paint as we will be in the house when the painting is done and I will probably once again be doing some of the painting. As I've been using more natural products over the years, I am continually more aware of and sensitive to the smells of chemicals and other harmful substances. We don't use chemical cleaners in our house, so why would I want to fill our house with chemical paint!

The search began with only finding natural/green paint for $40 a gallon, which WOAH, NOT in our budget. And of course Brad would not have that - it's paint! Well through the help of some friends and forums, I finally got the idea to call a local paint store and we were able to get NO VOC Paint that meets Green standards for a price that is probably too low for me to publically post. Hallman Lindsay was very nice to us and a great store!

And of course, it took me probably an hour to decide on a color, but we went for a lavender for Rachel Grace. Just those samples and slightly different shades can be so hard to choose from. I was hoping she would take more interest and decide which color she wanted, so it would be hers, but she more or less wanted to play with the samples.

Brad was suppose to have off of work today (well, yesterday by the time this posts) after his 7 days of 3rd shift, but he had to go in this morning due to others taking off. Thankfully he was able to just take a half day. Stuff didn't get done as much as originally planned, and my parents weren't able to come out to help like as planned because of the snow. But once Rachel Grace was sleeping, we started working and getting everything organized and moved. Quite the job as I have to have it all done a certain way by moving items on this shelf to here so that these can go here and that can go there type of thing. Whereas if it was just Brad working on it, it would've been done last week, but I'd have NO clue where anything was! LOL!

All that said and done all the products are out and most other stuff is out of the "office" and Brad is currently painting the ceiling. Why the ceiling? Well, when we bought the house, the entire room was a very light pastel pink - the walls and the ceiling. We had primed the walls and ceiling, painted the walls, but never painted the ceiling, so you could still see the pink in the ceiling! Had we known 4 years later we'd be moving a little girl to that room, maybe we would've just left it, but most likely not since it wasn't my type of pink.

So I am excited, the ceiling will be finished being painted tonight and then tomorrow during the day we plan on doing the walls! I'm not helping with the ceilings because that is hard for me to reach when I'm not pregnant, but I will help with the walls and I am sure take frequent breaks. Might be a bit complicated with Rachel Grace running around, but maybe we'll wait til her nap. Handprints would be cute though, wouldn't they, all throughout the house - but it's those lavender footprints on our hardwood floors and white carpet I would not like! LOL!

Okay, well if you made it through, kudos to you! I must be off to finish working on some other stuff I should've completed a couple of days ago, and hopefully Brad and I will both get to sleep soon. She slept til 9am this morning, but I doubt she will do that again.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to have pictures up of our before and after! :)

First Blog Post

Hi everyone, I finally got out of the 1900's and started a blog! I remember years ago people were mentioning to me their "blog" or reading someone else's blog and I was like "huh?" - I had no clue what a blog was until probably less than a year ago! And now I'm finally here, blogging away. Gives me something extra to procrastinate with.

Welcome to whoever reads this. And I hope you enjoy what I have to say.