Tuesday, April 14, 2009

RG Natural Babies 1 Year Anniversary!

April 24, 2008 was the Grand Opening of RG Natural Babies. WOW, how far it has come! I started out carrying products from Under the Nile, Ecobaby, and Imse Vimse... since have added BumGenius, Green Earth, Thirsties, Wahmies, Fuzzi Bunz, Knickernappies, Jolly Bums, and more!

Some special deals are going on during this time. I'm having 2 drawings for 2 people to win a $20 Gift Certificate to my store. Also there will be the following:

Free Shipping on orders over $40,
Free Gift valued $5.95 or more with purchases over $50
Free BumGenius One Size Organice Cotton Diaper with purchases over $150

And a couple other specials will be through Go Green Deals and Bits and Pieces from my Life Blog

Check out these deals and please spread the word around and celebrate with us!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

One Month and 2 Years

Happy Birthday to my daughter Rachel Grace! She is 2 years old today - boy how the time has flown by.

Also 2 days ago, Noah turned 1 month! These kids are growing up too quickly, it is very bitter sweet.

Rachel Grace has accomplished so much this past year. It's hard to even place all she has done and learned in the past year. Her abilities amaze me, her memory amazes me. She loves to read, dance, sing, and more! I love watching her stack her blocks. It is so neat to me how in the last month or so she has learned to stack her "nesting and stacking" blocks correctly. She also nests them correctly now. I can actually see her little mind working as she looks for the correct size block to go in next. Or if she puts a smaller one in, when she grabs the bigger one, instead of trying to put that one in, she takes the small ones out and puts in the bigger one and then adds the other! I love listening to her sing the alphabet... it's not perfect, but quite amazing to me! And her counting! She likes starting with the number 2 and a couple weeks ago it amazed me hearing her count from 2 - 11 (then she went back to 2) - and then today she went to thirteen!

So we must be doing something right. Often I feel overwhelmed, exhausted, tired, and like I'm a horrible mom, but my kids are healthy, strong, and fairly smart (I think) so Praise God, we must be doing a decent job! I wish I always felt like that, but if you're a mom, I'm sure you understand just what I'm saying.

Noah, my one month old little boy. How precious he is, growing up before my eyes and I hardly even notice. At a month, he supports his own head just fine. Laying on his tummy he moves his head side to side. He has a cute smile and I don't think it's always just gas... he has smiled from the beginning :) But it's not often that he does. He has grown to 11lbs in just a month!

Some struggles - he is very gassy, we believe it's from hyper-lactation syndrome, but we can't be 100% sure. Going to try some things, time dependent for the next week and if things don't get better, will call the doc or something. He spits up A LOT, cries a lot, spits up a lot, cries a lot... I really don't remember Rachel Grace crying this much - and she hardly ever spit up, but each child is different.

Well my little boy I believe is finally sleeping so, shhhhhhhh, I am going to go as I am exhausted. I will share more about my little blessings hopefully soon! And pictures, I need to get a lot of pictures up! Blessings to all and if I don't update before then.... Have a Very Blessed Easter or what I like to call, Happy Resurrection Sunday!