Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh Happy Day!!!

What a Blessing today was :)

I am extremely exhausted right now and will probably start to fall asleep soon. But Wednesday February 25, I've felt more relaxed then I have in a long time!

My wonderful friend Angela (the one w/ Nathan, just over 1) offered to take Rachel Grace for a few hours so I could catch a break, and so Brad could. She's been acting up a little bit here and there and being exhausted and well 38 1/2 weeks preggo, I'm having a harder time with her when she does act up. Brad has been working 3rd shift (Praise God this is his last night of it, his 7th day) and hasn't been able to get as sufficient sleep because of it also. I am thankful though that I have a husband so kind as to help out during this time.

So Brad took RG over there - just getting her ready was draining. He came home and slept and I got to get some work done. It was odd, I kept thinking, I had to be really quiet or else Rachel Grace will wake up from her nap. It's just weird to not have her here! I was also a little on edge thinking I have to hurry because I don't have a lot of time.

It's about time she would normally go down for a nap and I'm thinking "I should call Angela," and then I'm like hmmm, I should probably eat first if I'm going to have to go over there to get her. So I make some lunch and eat - felt so nice! Then I call Angela and she tells me "You're gonna fall off your chair... they are BOTH sleeping!"

WOW! Rachel Grace ended up taking a nap while there. Angela had been getting her son ready for a nap and told Rachel Grace just to wait a minute so she could put Nathan down for a nap and RG kept saying "nite nite" "nite nite" and probably doing the sign language sleep she normally does. So Angela asks RG if she wants to take a nap. "Yes, nite nite" She grabs her baby and Nathan's blankey and walks by the crib. LOL! So, she put her down even before Nathan and they both ended up napping for her.

What a relief that was for me and I felt SO much more relaxed after that. Just kept on working until it was time for my dr. appt (which they called to see if I could come in early). Wake up Brad to go and then sure enough we get there and the Dr. was delivering a baby. So we end up waiting just a bit, but it all worked out! Nothing has changed since last week - maybe 1 cm. dilated, 50% effaced. But I'm totally fine with that which is odd for most woman at this stage. I'm just not ready yet as uncomfortable as I may be. And I think he knows that!

So we run to pick up some food because we are both starving and know when we get RG, it's going to be a scramble to make food. My favorite, well one of them... Tacos El Rey! Go get RG and she had a blast! Angela said she was so good and well behaved - her son was a bit fussy, but RG apparantely did very well. She makes me so proud! Of course she didn't want to leave... so that was interesting.

Anyways, it was a good and productive day. Also I got some new products in which I am excited about! The Thirsties Pocket AIO diapers came in today!!! Also the New Fuzzi Bunz One Size Diapers came in yesterday. I think these new products (new to me) I am carrying seem so awesome! I just hope that people will come to my store to find these products!

Well, before I really start dozing off I will say goodnight. Busy busy day tomorrow - going to pick up some organic raw cows milk and go get our taxes done! Not completely ready for them, but I'll be able to send him the rest of the info later. Brad is suppose to have a 3 day weekend (we often know how that turns out) so hopefully I will be able to actually get everything else done then in order to have everything completed before the baby comes!

Then after I have that done, I need to wash baby's clothes and put it in the drawers! We have a few things upstairs in the drawers ready for him, but we still have not transitioned all of RG's stuff into her new room... which I know I know... I STILL need to post pictures. I will do that soon, I promise - just as soon as I get the taxes done :P G'nite all!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Case of the Missing Bible...

Okay, I am SOOOOO excited!

Brad and I got married September 5, 2004. Shortly before that I could not find my Bible, but didn't think about it much since my apartment was disasterous as I was moving some of the stuff into the apartment we were going to be living in and of course that place was just as chaotic because we're working on combing his and my stuff and getting rid of stuff... blah blah.

Okay, this Bible was given to me by my Aunt on May 21, 1995, the day I was confirmed at the church I grew up in. It was my favorite Bible, lots of highlights, lots of notes, if I needed to reference a verse or find something, I knew right where to go for it, or I knew what side of the page to be looking on for it if I just knew which book I was looking for.

So it was August 2004 last I remember seeing/using it and other times I just used other Bibles. I really wasn't concerned until a couple months later where I just really could not find it. I know it sounds odd to stress over a Bible, but for 1, if you know me, you know I stress about everything, and 2, it just has carried a lot of meaning for me and is very special to me.

I had prayed that it would be found, others had helped look to - I mean like at the church we went to, there are a lot of spare Bibles to use and pretty much we looked for all of them. Oh, did I mention my maiden name: Michelle Schuelke w/ the date: May 21, 1995 is engraved on it?

So figure if someone has it or if it was around the church, surely someone would know it was mine. Anyhow, NOTHING. Honestly, I was sad about it, even until recently. I had stopped praying for it years ago, and probably less than a month ago, I have started praying for it to come back because as odd as this may sound, I just felt like I needed it!

Tonight we went to a dinner at Kenosha Bible Church (KBC) where we got married and went to church for many years (now we go to Living Light, Racine) and had our babysitter Rosemarie. Talking to her as Brad was about to take her home so I could sit and eat, she asked "Oh, was your last name Schuulll" I'm like "Schuelke" - Yes... so she tells me this story and as she even asked, I just knew what she was going to tell me... Somehow a couple months ago, she had picked up my Bible by accident at church (KBC). She has one that looks like mine w/o the engraving and had set hers down next to another Bible in the kitchen at KBC and accidentally grabbed the one that isn't hers. When she got it home, she realized it was not hers and was going to return it to the church. She forgot to and then just recently she looked at it and realized that it might be mine! Sure enough it is!!!!!!!

So when Brad took her home, she ran in and got my Bible that has been missing for over 4 years!!! There is a bulletin in it from August 1, 2004 so I am assuming that is last day I had it. Funny enough, our wedding invitation is also in there along w/ a picture of us from well, obviously before we were married! How did someone NOT look in there and realize that was mine years ago??? I don't know, but I am so thankful and Praise God that he has led it to the correct owner once again... me! :)

I think it is just crazy how things work like that. I knew a couple years ago, I had to pray to let go of that Bible and move on. I know that may not make sense to some, but for me, it was hard to do. And it's just crazy that I recently started praying for it again and now, I have it!!! I am SO excited and thank you if you made it through my story and are able to enjoy in this blessing with me! I would love to know what happened to it, how it ended up in the kitchen at KBC (trust me, we looked there too and I was not a stranger to the kitchen in that church when I went there). And I'm so excited because the picture of me and Brad in there is so cute, probably from almost 5 years ago!

Praise the Lord, I am very blessed. Thank you for sharing in my joy!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Take One.... Two!

We purchased some strawberries as I had a craving for strawberries dipped in chocolate! Have for a while, but of course w/ the V-day around the corner they are plastered everywhere.

So I wash and cut up strawberries and after Rachel Grace is done eating her dinner, she just loved eating those strawberries! Mmmm, it's been a while, she kept wanting more, we would just give one individually. But then, I decided to let her pick her own from the bowl. Oh her eyes just lit up when she saw that bowl overflowing w/ strawberries!!!

I said to her "Just take One," as she looked them over and touched one on the right, then one on the left. I said again, "Rachel Grace, just take one please." She picks each up that she had been eyeballing and said "Two!" It was SO adorable! I really think she knew she was taking two!!! It was just amazing my little girl who isn't even two said that! We laughed and smiled in amazement, probably told her good job! But then once again either I or Brad said "Rachel Grace can you put one back, you need to just take one" and she put one back and I believe said "One."

She just never ceases to amaze me, really! Every day something new, so many stories that happen so quickly, and then I forget about posting it because it's on to the next new thing! She just WOW's me so often and I am so blessed to have her as a daughter!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Finally time to write?

So I should be working, but by the time I get into anything, I'll start falling asleep, so why not blog?

So I stay in my PJ's most of the time, and my PJ's are mainly sweatpants, t-shirt, sweatshirt or just whatever is comfy. My underneath shirt was one of my old shirts from work that says "Menards." My wonderfully inquisitive daughter always loves to ask "What is this?" or "What is that?" to items, letters, numbers, anything. So she was pointing to the letters saying "What is this?"

I would tell her what each letter was. I believe we went through them all. She points to the "D" and says "Dadda, dadda" in her sweet sweet little voice. I, in amazement say "Good job! D is for Dadda! Great job Rachel Grace!"

Then she points to the "M" and says "Momma, momma" - Again in amazement I say "Yes! M is for Momma!" She goes back to the "d" and says "Dadda" again, back and forth a bit, asking what the other letters are. When I asked her to point to a letter she would do so also!

I got the idea "Rachel Grace, do you know what an "R" is for? Rachel Grace" She says "race?" I said "Yes, Rachel Grace." And she was going back and forth with all of them!

Many, many hours later once Brad was home and well after dinner too, my shirt was showing again and she pointed to the "d" saying "Dadda." So I call Brad in to see if she'll do them all and sure enough she did! I just asked her where the letter was, she pointed and says "dadda, momma, or race" (She always says "race" for her name, sometimes she'll say something sounding like "ai-che ace" (leaving out the r, l, and g)).

So anyways that was adorable and it's little things like that where each day I want to write about them and share them with the world, but never seem to have the time to post!

She's just this little person ready and eager to learn and with how quickly she is picking up on some of this stuff, I feel like I might not be doing enough with her. Just a couple of days ago, I was coloring with her, so I went through the alphabet, writing each letter, naming it and asking her to repeat it. She did - loved it! There were I think 2 letters she didn't do. It's interesting because even in a book if she isn't sure of an answer (like where is the rhino? And she's not exactly sure which one is the rhino), she'll either take my hand to point or not say anything at all.

Well that thing called sleep is calling me now, so before I start typing all crazy, I must be going. Thanks for sharing in the life of my beautiful girl! Hopefully I'll get to share more son :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Been Busy

Life has been quite chaotic lately which is why I haven't wrote. A lot that I have wanted to share, adorable things Rachel Grace does and what not.

I'm just exhausted though. I am looking forward to seeing my little boy soon, but I am stressed about all that needs to be done before hand. Even now, I'm only getting to write a phrase at a time and then off with my Rachel Grace. I love her, I do, like I said, I'm just tired.

Okay, so I started this an hour ago, but have not had time to share. I hope I can update y'all later.