Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Conflict of Interest"

I am slightly miffed right now. I am thankful that God is Gracious and always has something better, but for the moment am irritated nonetheless.

We have been on a quest to find a building to open an RG Natural Babies store in Racine. Gone through many places and found some places that would work with us, but found 1 in particular that had a lot of room for growth. Started working on a plan with them about 5 weeks ago. There are many places available but this one was the one that took us the longest to talk through a plan. Particularly because it all had to go back to the owners - Kimberly Clark... yes folks, the maker of Huggies. Now I am extremely even more grateful I don't use Huggies and even when we did use disposables, we used Pampers (which I know... not much better).

I thought... okay maybe they'll have an issue because we sell cloth diapers, but if it was so, they would obviously see that right away as they wanted more information about the business, references and such. And as time went on I didn't think it would be an issue.

Thankfully we have kept our options open elsewhere as 5 weeks later I get a call saying that they cannot rent to us because of "Conflict of Interest." Seriously... you couldn't have even told me that say.. 4 weeks ago? Or even 3 weeks ago!

All in God's timing and God is good. Obviously he wanted us to learn something from that situation though right now I am having a hard time getting past the annoyance of it taking that long for them to give us that answer. If they didn't like the price, that is one thing... but the "conflict of interest" should have been seen right away. Especially as I am an extremely small business, but apparantely a threat to their bottom line.

Now, I will be switching toilet paper brands, etc... a little extreme maybe... but that's okay! There are many options out there and many buildings out there. Thankfully we do have some other good options out there. I just needed to express my annoyance.


  1. How stinky is that?! Geez....that seems like a lot of wasted time and effort.

  2. What a waste of time on both parties parts. And isn't a little competition healthy?