Tuesday, April 14, 2009

RG Natural Babies 1 Year Anniversary!

April 24, 2008 was the Grand Opening of RG Natural Babies. WOW, how far it has come! I started out carrying products from Under the Nile, Ecobaby, and Imse Vimse... since have added BumGenius, Green Earth, Thirsties, Wahmies, Fuzzi Bunz, Knickernappies, Jolly Bums, and more!

Some special deals are going on during this time. I'm having 2 drawings for 2 people to win a $20 Gift Certificate to my store. Also there will be the following:

Free Shipping on orders over $40,
Free Gift valued $5.95 or more with purchases over $50
Free BumGenius One Size Organice Cotton Diaper with purchases over $150

And a couple other specials will be through Go Green Deals and Bits and Pieces from my Life Blog

Check out these deals and please spread the word around and celebrate with us!!!

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